Our Story

How It Started

Huckleberry Brand was an idea that was sparked back in 2011 when my husband and I were still dating. He had been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer, and as I supported him through treatment, he would call me his “huckleberry.” Years later, once he was in remission, he kept encouraging me to come up with “something creative" that we could do together that involved the things we love.

When we got married in 2016, we had our friend, Brandi (a tattoo artist at Tattooland), design a bandana that we could give as a gift to our wedding guests that traveled out to join us in Texas. This is when it finally clicked! A bandana, which I carry with me every time I ride, represented a few of the things that we love — motorcycles and art!

We decided to reach out to different artists to have them design unique bandanas that we would do a small batch, limited run of prints on super soft, USA made, double sided bandanas. Along the way, it has been so much fun meeting so many great and talented people who enjoy the same things we do.

Signature Bolt

As for our signature bolt, we chose to incorporate it in our brand because we believe it is a powerful symbol with positive electric energy.

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  • heirloom quality goods
  • working with different artists & different trades to make things we love & keep creativity and craft buzzing
  • have fun, do all the things, be a good human.